Simply a high-volume temporary recruitment solution that is versatile and cost effective

If your agency is looking for a cost effective way to simplify the complex needs of clients with high-volume temporary staff - look no further! Our system will enable you to manage bookings quickly and confidently, track timesheets, pay staff and invoice clients in no time at all.

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Save time and effort with easy bookings management and precise placement of staff

Smoothly create placements, book staff, communicate, track, and timesheet without any hassle. Using our app, you're able to quickly send out offers of work and get quick confirmations.


Book temps in just a few clicks

Managing high-volume temporary bookings can be a daunting task, however there is now an easy way to accurately place staff, manage clients’ staff requirements, communicate with in-field staff, and timesheet all in one place. This makes booking the right person for every job easier and less time consuming than ever before.

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Timesheet creation to fit your needs

Having accountability when it comes to invoicing is of the vital importance. That's why, creating timesheets can be done multiple ways: through manual timesheets, e-timesheets sent to clients to have them edited and authorised or via staff who upload the on-site authorisation. These timesheets are automatically attached to the relevant invoices for further accountability. You can rest assured that the job has been done correctly and fairly.

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Keep your staff records accurate and precise

Crafting the right staff profiles can make the difference between successful placements and substandard ones. Take the guesswork out of finding the right staff with accurate staff profiles. Collect the foundation of profiles with our bespoke digital onboarding forms then assemble all the right information, including qualifications, right to work, availability, feedback ratings, and AWR details for constructing an accurate staff profile. With this, you can have confidence that each placement will have better outcomes due to the careful selection process made possible through our innovative forms.

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Keep your client data organized and always up-to-date

Keeping your client data organized and up-to-date is an important part of placing staff. With comprehensive and versatile records that link to placements making sure the correct staff are placed and charged to the client.

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Email professional invoices based on timesheets in minutes

With our Invoice Status Log, you'll never be left in the dark on timesheet invoicing again. Have your admin team export to multiple external accounting and PO systems with ease using any of the 140+ supported formats. You can also mass email all invoices to dedicated client contacts and generate credit notes with a single click. Get the knowledge you need and stay organized with this handy Invoice Status Log function.

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Get all the data you need to make informed decisions

Our extensive system reports help your business run more effectively and efficiently. We also offer bespoke reporting services, allowing you to tailor the reports to your needs. To add an extra layer of convenience, our margins module is integrated with Enrolpay payroll, meaning you can get all the data you need in one streamlined package.

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Cut Costs and Saves Time

No need for large back-office teams with a cost-effective system that simplifies timesheet processing (including edits), billing (we hold 140+ invoice templates) and real time HMRC compliant payroll. The power of this data is combined in the margins module enabling profitability and quickly identifying any poorly performing areas.

Why Temp Organiser?

Simple to Use

Using something that is simple and effective can make life much easier, which is why Temp Organiser is designed to be simple and effective to use.

Cost Effective

Using Temp Organiser is an incredibly cost-effective way to manage high volume temps. The pay as you go model means you only pay when you actually place staff.

Ongoing Support

We understand that customer service is at the core of a good experience. That is why we are committed to providing ongoing personal support every step of the way. Through friendly yet informative communication, our goal is to provide an effortless and satisfying experience.

Work smarter, not harder with our versatile all in one solution

We do the heavy lifting for you! We make it easier for you than ever before with end-to-end temp management in one place and no hassle - our system handles everything from comprehensive booking management to all the details necessary for PAYE payroll and full billing.

Unique Pricing Model

Pay as you Go*

We have considered our solutions to support every stage of your growth.

  • You do not pay for users, licenses or updates.
  • You do not pay for the number of staff or clients on your books.

*One off Setup charge is dependent on transfer data integrity.

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The system is a state-of-the-art cloud based software hosted in Microsoft Azure designed for high volume temps.

Yes,just because you are small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to all the functionality large agencies use. Our aim is to support you as you grow.

The cost includes payroll but you do not have to use it*, we will provide a csv output you can import to your payroll provider.

Yes, we encourage it as it simplifies the payroll process.

Our system is designed for agencies that work in any sector that require temporary staff.

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